Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Redirected sewer

New conservatory started yesterday.... Only took 9 months of waiting. Had to have so many different agreements.. Have had to send my dogs on holiday.. Could lose them in all this. lol.
Today the sewer is being redirected.. Otherwise the main sewer would have been sat in my new conservatory.. Not good...
Am hoping all this doesn't take too long.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mobile at last

Look at this space age gadget.. Love it. It means I can walk without crutches.. Another 3/4 weeks and hopefully I won't have to wear it at all... Can take it off to shower and go to bed.... So nice to shower without one leg sticking out of the shower door. lol

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I love my dogs even.......

Did I say I love my dogs... Finding it hard right now.. Had to throw half a bar of my favourite chocolate away..
Tom started it... heard him and Merlin arguing and turns out they were fighting over my well hidden half eaten bar of chocolate! Rescued it but turns out that it had been licked to melting point. YUK.. Now I have to find a safer but just as easy to reach place to hide my chocolate. lol..
I love my dogs!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Merlin makes it better

Looks like I am strangling poor Merlin but am really having a cuddle. lol . He has been desperate to get up on my lap ever since I broke my foot. I call him my teddy bear.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Not fair....

Two weeks, have been sat in a chair doing nothing.. I ache from head to foot and can't sit long enough even to make some cards or do some scrapbooking.... Reason for this.... A broken foot. Can't believe I was stupid enough to do it in the first place. To make matters worse it is a bad break!! Have to stay off the foot another week.. then maybe will have a walking boot...
So how did I manage to break a foot.. Good question.. Walking the dogs. Turned over on my foot. Hurt like mad but managed to walk home a half a mile on it..
Dogs so amazing.. Must have sensed I was hurt and instead of dragging me all over the place as they normally do, they trotted quietly and calmly matching my pace exactly.. Even stopping and waiting for me to continue.
Tom is so funny. He knows there is something wrong with my foot and tries licking it better every chance he gets..

Sunday, 24 May 2009

hello again

Thought it was about time I updated my blog... Can't believe how quickly time is going.... Have had a good week.... Found out I had been allocated a garage for my car.... Feel so much happier now car is out of sight at night....
Thought I would show a picture of Tommy and Merlin.. Merlin is now 7 months old and think he is going to be bigger than Tom.. They seem to be getting on better.. Lots of rough and tumble but it doesn't seem to get nasty....Looking forward to the good weather and lots of walks...

Hope this video will work.. Tom & Merl enjoying a summer day yesterday....

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Well, have done it again.... It has been a while since I last posted.... Busy with work and busy enjoying 2 weeks off for the Easter break.. Haven't made any cards for a long time but wanted to make one for a neighbour whose husband passed away 2 weeks ago.. As you know I love my pergamano and it is perfect for condolance cards.... This one is a mix of pergamano and a decoupage flower and backing paper from one of Susan Winter's CDs.