Wednesday, 25 June 2008

3 weeks and counting

Can't wait for summer hols... Got so much planned but like other years probably won't get the half finished... LOL. Am going to price up have my attic floored and lined so I can move my craft stuff up there. Could also put all the computers up there maybe then would have a clutter free living room/dining room. We'll see.
Can't remember the last time I sat down and had a really good craft session. No room at the moment...

Saturday, 21 June 2008


Saturday at last.. Been a busy week so having a lazy day today. Had planned to go out but weather not good so just as well not going.

Healthy week at school and so much going on. Kids have loved it though.

Will be finishing up soon and can't wait.
Have bought some giant african snails and kids just love them.... One little boy found a snail in his garden and has decided to keep him as a pet...
The african snails are still small but growing quickly..
Even my dad can't resist taking a peek in the tub when he comes into my room.. lol.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Fathers day

Last Sunday.. Fathers day. Quiet day for us and didn't really do anything different. Dad had lots of cards though so that was nice for him and Ali bought him a CD of his favourite music...

Weather has been glorious this last week. Sunshine every day. Dad has been making the most of the garden. The new lawn mower he bought is so easy even he can use it.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Folly Farm

Been on my own most of today. Ali took the girls to Folly Farm in West Wales. They had lovely weather and ate lots of rubbish and bought lots of little pressis back for everyone.... Enjoying some white chocolate chip cookies that Ali brought back.

And what did I do with all this lovely time to myself.... Washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping etc etc...

Still on my own. They have all gone out for tea. Won't be back till later tonight. Think I'll watch a dvd...

And look at this.. A curly haired pig. Didn't even know they existed.... Sophie took loads of pictures. We are going to scrapbook them next weekend.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

cut grass.

My grass is neat and tidy again.. It was beginning to look like a jungle.. Too ashamed to show a photo of what it looked like before we began... Dad bought this fab new lawn mower this morning. Up until now we have been struggling with a hover mower which was really hard work on this lot. The new one is a rotary mower. With wheels so it just pushes along. Can't believe how easy it is.... Should have got one sooner.

And managed to sort some more plants out too. It is such a lovely evening. I have enjoyed being outside.

Am beginning to get more flowers along the edge of the patio too... Looks a bit pathetic at the moment but have more to do.
Now I need a coffee and then I daresay it will be time for bed...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

and another day

Well..Have nearly finished all reports for school. Hard Hard work.. And it is my assembly next week and nowhere ready for parents to come to watch.... Weather is awful but that is just as well, at least I don't wnat to be in the garden rather than do reports... LOL. Am trying to get into a routine of taking Fran to work, girls to school etc... Thank goodness for my dad. He will take them when I am working and pick them up.

Been thinking about my mum a lot these days. A friend at school lost her mum recently so I suppose it brings it all back. I am sure she would love our patio. It was such a mess last year and she was desperate to be in the garden with her flowers. Have got plans to fill the patio with tubs of flowers.. Jim not a flower person so not sure how he will cope with that... LOL.
This pic was taken when the pation was finished.. .will have to get some recent ones....

Monday, 2 June 2008

Too much to do

When will things quieten down. Work is mad. So much to pack into 6 weeks before we finish for the summer holidays.

Daughter waiting for her own place but no sign of anything suitible. House bursting at the seems. Desperate to have some scrapbooking and cardmaking time but just when I think I am winning something else comes along to knock my plans all about.

Can't believe what a year it has been. Coming up to the year mark when we lost mum. It seems just like 5 minutes ago. Still not used to her being around sometimes I feel like she is just in her room having a rest and will be downstairs any minute and then I realise that isn't going to happen. And have to find time to do this blog thing properly.. lol.